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Last week, I finally was able to produce an overhead snapshot which occurred during the last home game of the first round playoff game between the Blazers and Rockets. And we owe it to Craig Mitchelldyer of Mitchelldyer Photography. Mitchelldyer, who used to be a staff photographer with Community Newspapers a few years ago, recently help L.E. Baskow of the Portland Tribune and I set up camera remotes from the rafters at the Rose Garden, on backboard and from the floor. The inset picture shows where Baskow and I carefully clamped a camera with a 300 mm lense which was held securely by safety cables. I triggered the camera from a wireless remote which was attached to the hotshoe of my camera and also set off a second camera with a wide-angle lense which was set next to me on the baseline. All in all both Baskow and I came away with a good collection of photos while our competition used three photographers and a runner (a person who uploads the photographer's images.)